Journalist and postgraduate researcher
I currently work as a commissioned content assistant for JPress Sussex Newspapers based at the Chichester Observer office, and as a culture blogger for WOW247, a nationwide culture website.
I am hoping to sit my NCTJ soon, following which I plan to work towards a journalistic career generating opinion pieces, social commentary (with particular focus towards feminist, mental health, and LGBT issues), and culture reporting/reviewing (inclusive of literature, heritage, arts, film, television, music, theatre, and other media forms) for printed publications and online.
I am also a postgraduate researcher and AHRC/CHASE funded doctoral candidate with the School of English at the University of Sussex, where I’m researching history of mental health with a specific focus on locating archives of patient publications produced in mental health institutions between 1850 and 1950.
My research interests include the medical humanities, eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century fiction, history of art and science, crime and punishment, critical theory, and neo-Victorianism.
Once I’ve completed my PhD, I hope to associate lecture, tutor, research and publish in the area of history of mental health.
I am committed to encouraging discussion of mental health, and aim to support awareness and communication surrounding the subject into the public consciousness, an objective I hope to further by liaising with heritage, arts and cultural community projects.


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