Burlesque, comedy, music, and a ‘lipsync assassin’: Chichester’s suprising Cabaret Club

[This story was published on March 30 in the West Sussex Gazette. Read the original story at westsussextoday.co.uk/news/county-news/burlesque-comedy-music-and-a-lipsync-assassin-1-7302806.]


[Image: Dawn Gracie performs at the Chichester Cabaret Club.]

Raunchy, rowdy, rambunctious – not words that you’d usually associate with Chichester on a Saturday night!

Recently, I went along to Dawn Gracie’s Chichester Cabaret Club event, which is held in the Pallant Suite near the town centre.

Walking down the quiet streets on the way to the Club, I didn’t really know what to expect.
I’d never been to a Cabaret Club before, but from my limited knowledge of what they entail, I can’t imagine how such an event would fit into a Masonic Hall in a place like Chichester.

Dawn Gracie appearing under the floodlights on stage performing Chicago’s Mama Morton number, ‘When You’re Good To Mama’ in a flash of glitter and feathers, therefore, was a real ‘let there be light’ moment – and I was in hysterics for the rest of the evening.

Burlesque dancers, lipsync artists, comedy musicians – Chichester Cabaret Club is the best of what’s cheeky, exciting, creative and out-loud hilarious in the cabaret scene.

This evening was a real variety show, with a great array of performances.

It was hosted by Dawn Gracie, who was bravely battling through a croaky throat situation .
David Jordan, a comedian singer/songwriter, apparently almost literally killed an asthmatic with his musical set, and I can see why.

His songs, which jump between relationships (both his own and those of the elderly), feminism and being a “straight fairy”, in which he revels in being a camp but straight man, are laugh-out-loud hilarious, and he has incredible stage presence.

Lipsync ‘assassin’ Crystal Lubrikunt absolutely mesmerised the audience with her fantastic performance, which combined musical numbers with recognisable audio clips from film and television.

As she lipsynced to the infamous Tyra Banks ‘ I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!’ scene from America’s Next Top Model, I was in fits.
The dancing from the burlesque performers was truly phenomenal. Award-winning ‘mankini queen’ Coco Deville performed with real chocolate powder, Lolita Yves performed her new Witchcraft routine, and Lena Mae Lenman also stunned with her dancing.

Four brave chaps from the audience were brought up to the stage participate in a dance-off with Dawn, much to their horror and the delight of their friends. We all like to see our mates embarrass themselves, right?

One of the real strengths of the Club is the variety – the audience doesn’t know what’s going to explode onto the stage next.

All in all, everyone left the evening on a high, having been seriously entertained by the motley crew of daring and lascivious performers and artists in this unassuming little hall.

Gutted you missed out? Never fear! Dawn’s Cabaret Club will be back in Chichester on May 21, featuring Sensu’Elle, Amy Hooplovin, Miss Anticipation, Diva D, Gladys & Maude, and hosted by Cherry Liquor. Get your tickets from www.dawnsvintagedo.com.


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