Tales from the Archives: The old cottages at Knockhundred Row

This story was published on July 14 in the Observer series. Read the original story at midhurstandpetworth.co.uk/news/local/nostalgia-old-cottages-at-knockhundred-row-1-7474825.]

[All images: West Sussex Record Office]

Old cottages in Knockhundred Row in Midhurst
Old cottages in Knockhundred Row in Midhurst

This picture shows old cottages in Knockhundred Row, which later became the Midhurst Library.

Featured in the Observer in 1965, this picture was one of a collection to be shown at an exhibition at the Rumbold Gallery in Midhurst that year, entitled ‘Old Midhurst in Photographs’.

Today, these houses are home to the Town Council.
In 2014 the Town Council moved from its former offices in Capron House on North Street to the Old Library building on Knockhundred Row.

The building is leased from the West Sussex County Council, with a view to its eventual purchase by the Town Council.

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