Pallant House Gallery celebrates 10 years of Outside In art project

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[Image: Dannielle Hodson next to her artworks Battle of the Dresses (portrait) and Cabaret Monkey (landscape)]

Pallant House Gallery in Chichester welcomed back 17 of its past Outside In Award Winners to mark the art project’s 10 year anniversary.

Founded by Pallant House Gallery in 2006, Outside In provides a platform for artists who see themselves as facing barriers to the art world for reasons including health, disability, social circumstance or isolation.

The exhibition, which runs until October 30, showcases the work of the artists that Outside In has been working with over the past decade.

Outside In Award Winners have had their work selected by judges for one of the project’s four triennial open art exhibitions.

All Outside In Award Winners are offered a solo exhibition at Pallant House Gallery.

To date, Outside In has had 19 Award Winners. Some earlier Award Winners had residencies in the Studio at Pallant House Gallery followed by solo exhibitions.

One artist, Carlo Keshishian, had his solo show at The Otter Gallery, inside the University of Chichester.

Dannielle Hodson is an artist who works in mixed media print and collage. She said: “I make doodles, creating chaos on the page, making stuff without really thinking about it. When I see the characters in it, then I bring them out.

“With my work, I feel like you should ignore it and then be rewarded for your attention. I often see different things in my work when I look back at it. I also make costumes and experiment with film making.

“I’d like to say thank you to Outside In. “Winning Outside In was a remarkable experience that changed my life in such a positive way. I realised when I won the award that I would like to spend the rest of my life making art, as it really does make me very happy.

“Having my first solo show in Pallant House Gallery was quite an honour. It gave me focus, strength and determination to move forwards, whilst reflecting on the past.

“I have not stopped since I won the award!”


[Image: Matthew Sergison-Main next to his artwork The Forgotten Web]

Matthew Sergison-Main is another Outside In Award Winner. He creates ink drawings on paper. He said: “I’ve been inspired in my work by Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, as well as Albrecht Dürer. I often return to the theme of keys and trees – my work is deliberately ambiguous.

“There are so many great, lovely people at Outside In – it’s always interesting to see how they develop. Being chosen as an Outside In Award Winner was a fantastic experience and a real honour. From the exhibition I have met some fantastic artists, kind collectors, and lovely people from the Gallery.”

10 Years of Outside In: Award Winners features work by Peter Andrews, Phil Baird, Manuel Bonifacio, Kate Bradbury, John Cull, Peter Cutts, Kwei Eden, James Gladwell, Dannielle Hodson, Andy Hood, Joel Howie, David Jones, Carlo Keshishian, Nigel Kingsbury, Jasna Nikolic, Michelle Roberts, and Matthew Sergison-Main.

Outside In’s goal is to create a fairer world which rejects traditional values and institutional judgements about whose work can and should be displayed.

To date, through its dedicated website, exhibitions and accompanying events programme, Outside In has engaged more than 5,000 artists and over a quarter of a million audience members. It has also held more than 40 exhibitions nationally.

Marc Steene, founder of Outside In, said: “In 2009 I described Outside In as a gentle revolution, expressing my intention for the project to radically change the art world through revealing and embracing a wide group of artists and makers.

“This revolution is still important today, if not more so, and the need to fight for a more inclusive art world, to give voice and opportunity to artists too long hidden is an ongoing challenge.

“We need to continue to celebrate the work of artists and makers whose work would, without the project, be largely invisible and to continue working in partnership to create a fairer art world and arts community.”

Starting as part of the Gallery’s Learning and Community Programme, Outside In is now the Gallery’s flagship project, and is able to offer an increasingly international platform for the artists it supports having taken part in the 2014 and 2015 Paris Outside Art Fairs. Outside In’s expansion has been made possible through six years of funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. It is now funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, The Roddick Foundation, The George Dannatt Trust and Private Donors. As a mark of its success, Outside In won the prestigious Charity Award for Arts, Culture and Heritage in 2013.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of the project, Outside In are running the £10 for 20 years fundraising campaign, collecting donations of £10 to support the continuing work of the project.

Speak to a member of staff at Pallant House Gallery or visit to make a donation.

Find out more about Outside In by visiting the website at

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