Historic Chapel is set to be ‘transformed’

[This story was published on May 12 in the Chichester Observer. Read the original story at chichester.co.uk/news/local/chapel-is-set-to-be-transformed-1-7378511]


[Image: Johnston Press]

Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) is to transform Graylingwell Chapel into a ‘multi­purpose community space’ this year.

CCDT, an organisation which supports the Chichester community through projects that create opportunities and by helping residents to develop their skills base, has recently revealed a new logo and brand.

It is now turning its attention to the chapel at Graylingwell Park, which will be passed to CCDT as a freehold asset this year.

With funding from a social investment group, the chapel has already undergone a full structural survey, including a heating and energy assessment.

The CCDT will then work with partners on-site in order to produce a business plan.

Having submitted a Heritage Lottery Fund bid for a start up grant, if funding is successfully secured, the CCDT will set up a chapel advisory group.

Clare de Bathe, trust director at CCDT, said: “We really want the community to determine what the place will look and feel like.

“The chapel advisory group will look at similar schemes and start up a conversation with residents and stakeholders, and it will research into the best use of the chapel space.
“We’re looking to develop a building fit for the next hundred years for the community.

“Once CCDT has the necessary endowments, we will produce a fundraising strategy – and we’re looking for corporate sponsors to help us create a warm, quality and innovative facility.”


[Image: West Sussex Record Office archive]

Graylingwell Chapel was built in 1897 by architect Sir Arthur Blomfield and served as the chapel for Graylingwell Hospital until 2000.

CCDT will be championing the chapel’s history as part of this new project.
“We’re really keen to present the heritage of the Graylingwell Chapel, and we’ll be asking ourselves: how can we present the heritage while also making it accessible?,” continued Clare.

“We’re looking to have a permanent exhibition about our local heritage and the Graylingwell Hospital, including a heritage wall, displays of artefacts such as the magic lantern, and a mini


Immanuel Church have been delivering services in the Graylingwell Chapel since 2010, and the chapel has been used by the community for activities, learning and worship since 2009.

The reconditioned building will be used by the community for education and training, social activities, leisure pursuits, an information centre, soft play and a place of worship.
To date, funding has been secured to commission a full structural survey, a heating and energy assessment, VAT and tax advice for CCDT, Grade II listing advice and governance and business planning for the facility.

Clare said: “During 2016, we will be doing consultations and putting plans up, and by the end of the year, we hope to be the key holders and owners of the Graylingwell Chapel on behalf of the community.

“Moving forward, we’re hoping that Chichester residents will be able to learn more about what the CCDT can offer from our portfolio of facilities, as well as understanding our vision for the next 10 years.”

For more information, visit our website at http://www.chichestercdt.org.uk.

Chichester Community Development Trust’s Youth Ambassador Projects have recently been selected by the Waitrose Community Matters Green Token scheme.

In this scheme, three charities have £1,000 split between them.

The Youth Club and the Youth Ambassador Projects get young people out of the house, learning new skills, being part of the community and having fun.

It empowers people and helps build community spirit.


[Image: West Sussex Record Office archive]

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