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You may have been read my recent posts on Pre-Raphaelite muse Fanny Cornforth and the campaign we’re leading to ensure she doesn’t get forgotten. We want to make sure that this fascinating woman is properly commemorated and her contributions to the world of art are remembered by all that love and appreciate creativity today.

We have added some rewards for Team #RememberFanny supporters!
Those who contribute £5 or more to the campaign will receive a Team #RememberFanny badge.
Donate £20 or more, and you will not only get a badge, but also a copy of Beneath the Water Tower, the illustrated book telling the story of Graylingwell Hospital, Fanny’s final resting place.
For those who donate £50 or more to the campaign, you will receive a copy of Stunner, Fanny’s biography, signed by the author Kirsty Stonell Walker – plus a #RememberFanny badge!


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History of the project:

In early 2015, the National Archives publically released the Lunacy Patients Admission Registers.  This led to several researchers discovering the last (and until then unknown) whereabouts of Pre-Raphaelite model and muse Fanny Cornforth.  Fanny was traced by her birth name of Sarah Hughes to the West Sussex County Asylum, also known as Graylingwell Hospital, in Chichester.

Fanny died in Graylingwell on February 24, 1909 and was buried in an unmarked paupers grave in Chichester Cemetery.  The plot has been identified and the goal of this fundraising drive is to raise money to commission a fitting memorial to Fanny and all that this incredible woman achieved in her life.

To many people, Fanny Cornforth is the face of Pre-Raphaelite art and she graces gallery walls and chocolate boxes alike: a testament to her enduring popularity.  Fanny inspired not only famed artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, but legions of fans and admirers across the world.  We hope you will join us by making a pledge in order to help fund a tribute to Fanny – a way of showing our thanks and letting her know she has not been forgotten.

We hope to commission a memorial to be installed with a commemoration ceremony in Chichester Cemetery on April 9, 2017.  Any additional funds raised will be used to commission a memorial to her at Graylingwell Chapel.

This initiative has been endorsed by the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood.

Please help us to #RememberFanny.

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