A Review of Clementine Ford’s Fight Like A Girl

Content warning for both Ford’s book and this review: sexual violence, rape culture, eating disorders, and mental health issues. Note: Fight Like A Girl was originally printed in Australia by Allen & Unwin in 2016, and was published by Oneworld Publications for the UK on August 2, and will be published in the US on […]

Actress, suffragette, princess: the story of the forgotten Russian royal

[This is an updated version of a story produced for the Shoreham Herald.] She was a freedom fighter, celebrated actress and fashion icon, a scandalous royal and a groundbreaking theatre manager – so why is the infamous Lydia Yavorska, the Princess Bariatinsky, virtually unknown today? A dedicated suffragette, Lydia was a humanitarian activist who helped […]

Laurie Penny’s Bitch Doctrine: a review

Laurie Penny’s writing has always struck a chord with me. I’ve followed her columns since my awkward, confused teenage years, into my slightly less awkward but still very confused adulthood, and my copies of Meat Market and Unspeakable Things are covered in pencil marks: underscorings, exclamation marks, questions. Because of this, a number of the […]

Art and Identity

[A shorter version of this review was featured in the January version of the East etc magazines. The original version can be read on pages 60 and 61 here: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?pbid=3210216c-6838-4646-8efe-07a62e12c69f, and the PDF is available at the bottom of this blog post.]   Emily Jessica Turner reviews Brighton Museum’s current exhibition on the twentieth century artist […]

Gluck: Art and Identity opens in Brighton

[This is a report on Gluck: Art and Identity. It is a combined version of the version published in the Brighton and Hove Independent on December 7, 2017 (a web version can be seen here: chichester.co.uk/news/gluck-art-and-identity-opens-in-brighton-1-8278657), and in the Mid Sussex Times on the same day (a web version can be seen here: worthingherald.co.uk/news/gluck-life-and-identity-of-steyning-artist-explored-in-exhibition-1-8279028. A review will […]