At the violet hour, the landscape tells its tales

Narrative and nature go hand in hand. We’ve used stories to make sense of the world around us, to feel control over the uncontrollable, the inexplicable. To experience a connection, or to delight in an uncanny disconnect. The trees bear witness, the waters offer chances anew.

Who is standing on the other side of that tree? Do you see the figure waving from the other side of the field? What could that be, lying rain-soaked and abandoned, under that flowering shrub? Where do those steps lead, where does that bridge go?  Do you remember how to find our way back to the gate? Why is it that we chose this path? How will we make it out of here?

Photographs taken with my La Sardina, using Lomochrome 35mm purple color negative film between August and September this year. Pictures taken in Chichester, the Sustainability Centre in Petersfield, the Weald and Download Living Museum, and in St Albans. Several are multiple exposure shots.



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