At the violet hour, the landscape tells its tales

Narrative and nature go hand in hand. We’ve used stories to make sense of the world around us, to feel control over the uncontrollable, the inexplicable. To experience a connection, or to delight in an uncanny disconnect. The trees bear witness, the waters offer chances anew. Who is standing on the other side of that […]

The Sleep of Reason

Despite Southern Rail’s best attempts, I made it into Brighton today to visit the Drawing Circus’s The Sleep of Reason event, which was held at The Old Market. A theatrical drawing event, The Sleep of Reason was populated by a troupe of models who provided a series of still tableaus. The Drawchestra performed live music […]

A roll of film

These are some pictures I took on my La Sardina analogue camera while attending the Gaming the Gothic conference in Sheffield earlier this year. Rather a lot has happened between now and then – a family crisis, illness – and I think the film has got rather poorly treated and bashed about in the interim. […]

Capturing Chichester: multiple exposures

I’ve been playing around with my La Sardina analogue camera recently, mostly getting to grips with the multiple exposure technique. I love how dreamy and strange the resulting effect is. Here are a few examples I’ve taken around Chichester recently, mostly in the Bishop’s Palace Gardens.

The hidden history of fake mermaids

    When we think of mermaids, we might expect magical, long haired sirens, possibly accompanied by a Jamaican crab. But ‘real’ mermaids, the ones that can be found behind glass at museums and galleries in the UK, have claws, sharp teeth, and hollow eyes. For lovers of eccentric history, folklore, hoaxes and taxidermy, the […]

Light and colour: Artist’s painting connects viewers to the natural world

[This story was published on November 23 by etc Magazine. Read the original story at, pages 40 and 41. The PDF version of the story is below.] The twentieth-century writer and mystic Thomas Merton famously once said that ‘art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’. Painting, one could argue, […]