Kicking off a month of blogging for The F Word UK

So I’m lucky enough to be asked to be a guest blogger for UK-based feminism blog The F Word! I’ll be posting several blogs over the course of the month, which I will also be copying over to this personal site. Check out my introductory piece here:

Burlesque, comedy, music, and a ‘lipsync assassin’: Chichester’s suprising Cabaret Club

[This story was published on March 30 in the West Sussex Gazette. Read the original story at] [Image: Dawn Gracie performs at the Chichester Cabaret Club.] Raunchy, rowdy, rambunctious – not words that you’d usually associate with Chichester on a Saturday night! Recently, I went along to Dawn Gracie’s Chichester Cabaret Club event, which […]

Hellfire burgers and archaic puddings: 10 unique Brighton dishes

I was probably an interesting choice of writer to ask to take on this commission, as I’m not exactly known for my adventurous taste in food! Consider it a dedication to the craft that I’ve gone out and sourced the top 10 unique dishes you’ll only find in good old Brighton, from hellfire burgers to […]

Bodies of Water: Interview with V.H. Leslie

Have you had a look at my Chichester Observer article about local author V.H. Leslie’s debut novel, Bodies of Water? Have a look at the full interview with the author here… You’ve got your book coming out in May – could you tell us a bit about it? What’s it about, and how did it come […]