The Brothers Dalziel, woodpecking and the lost art of Victorian illustration

[This story was published on June 15 in the i. Read the original story at] William Blake’s visionary engravings, illustrating his famous works, are renowned, influencing how we imagine canonical poems such as “Tiger Tiger”. But after Blake came another Victorian engraving firm, whose artistry is far less well-known, but has been just as potent […]

The researchers revealing the beauty of Victorian wood engraving

[This story was published on June 1 in the Brighton and Hove Independent. Read the original story at] [Image: Bethan Stevens and George Mind. Picture credit: mine]   Two researchers from the University of Sussex have been working to bring the beauty of Victorian illustration to a wider audience. Brighton and Hove based duo Bethan […]

Welcome to Dottyville: Shell shock and The Hydra

[This story was published on March 30 on the History Today website. Read the original story at] [Image: Creative healing: The Hydra, alongside a photograph of Wilfred Owen. Ⓒ Johnny Greig.] The Hydra, a magazine produced by shell shock patients, was pioneering as a mental health care treatment. During the First World War, specialist hospitals were established, intended […]

Archives of Lost Voices: Patient Publications in Hospitals

[This story was published on December 12 on The Still Point blog. Read the original story at] It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where this PhD project began, but it certainly grew out my involvement with the Graylingwell Heritage Project. This was a Heritage Lottery Funded community, heritage and arts programme which charted the history of Chichester’s […]