About me

I’m Emily, an apprentice journalist, a nearly-done PhD student, a writer and an occasional picture-maker. My thing is the long nineteenth century and Neo-Victorianism in literature, art, and the archives, whether it’s ‘asylums’ or activism, science or the supernatural – and particularly when these intersect with folklore or cabaret or horror. Here are some of my […]

Hidden histories and family drama: a review of Loves, Lives, and Letters

[This story was published on July 24, 2018, on the BAVS Neo-Victorian blog. Read the original story at victorianist.wordpress.com/2018/07/24/hidden-histories-and-family-drama-review-of-lives-loves-and-letters.] – Lives, Loves and Letters: The Goring Family of Wiston, Sussex, 1743-1905 is a book with a peculiar origin story. The publication came about following the discovery of a wooden box, labelled Wiston Estate, containing nearly 400 letters, […]

Tales from the Archive: The Seal Road bungalow poltergeist

[This story was published on February 7 in the Observer series. Read the original story at https://www.chichester.co.uk/news/nostalgia-the-seal-road-bungalow-poltergeist-1-8369726.] There were ‘queer things’ happening in Seal Road in February, 1958, reported the Observer. A Selsey bungalow to be let that summer had one extra amenity which was not advertised – a ghost. It had been haunting The Fairings, […]

A review of The Eyrie

  [This story was published November 2017 in Issue 12 of the Gramarye, the journal of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy. Pick up a copy from here: store.chi.ac.uk/product-catalogue/sussex-centre-for-folklore/journals/gramarye-issue-12-e-book.] A mysterious owl insignia, ominous rural landscapes, misty cobbled streets, creaky taverns, and irate sea-dogs baring warnings – recently published graphic novel The Eyrie […]

Eerie Eyrie: folk horror graphic novel review

[This story was published on October 30 by etc Magazine. Read the original story at edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?pbid=cdbd86eb-0ed9-41e5-a590-031651c44a1, pages 54 and 55. PDF here: Etc – The Eyrie – November 2017

Remaining wraiths: haunted Waterlooville

I grew up in a town called Waterlooville. Like many people in their mid-twenties, I have not yet made it out alive – although I couldn’t exactly argue that this is case unique to my generation. It’s a quiet town with little history and (arguably) less character, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our […]

The Living and the Dead: You Will Reap What You Sow

[This story was published on January 6 on the BAVS Neo-Victorian blog. Read the original story at victorianist.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/neo-victorian-review-the-living-and-the-dead-you-will-reap-what-you-sow.] In previous posts on The Living and the Dead, I have discussed how tensions between different worlds – old and new, religious and scientific, ‘real’ and ghostly – have been explored by the programme through its characters and themes. […]