Searching for spirits

I was very inspired by this Polaroid of the haunted landscape behind M.R. James’ childhood Suffolk home, taken at dusk by the writer Adam Scovell. I had a look through my Diana Baby 110 shots for some suitably folkish, spooky shots of Chichester, which is where I’m currently living. Although ancient, I don’t think this city has […]

A review of Folk Horror: Hours Dreadful And Things Strange

Adam Scovell’s Folk Horror is an excellent primer on the cultural mode, as manifested in fiction, film, music and television. Not only does it offer an accessible introduction to  those new to the discourse around folk horror, but it should also interest those who are au fait with the subgenre: it offers much depth of analysis […]

A review of The Eyrie

  [This story was published November 2017 in Issue 12 of the Gramarye, the journal of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy. Pick up a copy from here:] A mysterious owl insignia, ominous rural landscapes, misty cobbled streets, creaky taverns, and irate sea-dogs baring warnings – recently published graphic novel The Eyrie […]

Eerie Eyrie: folk horror graphic novel review

[This story was published on October 30 by etc Magazine. Read the original story at, pages 54 and 55. PDF here: Etc – The Eyrie – November 2017

The Living and the Dead: Psychographs, Celestial Telegraphers and Kodak Girls

[This story was published on November 18 on the BAVS Neo-Victorian blog. Read the original story at] Haunted landscapes characterise the worlds within the medium of folk horror, creating fictional spaces in which pagan tradition collides with Christian demonology. The narrative of the BBC’s recent series The Living and the Dead exists within this creative environment, […]