Blog post: update

Hello hello! It’s been quite a while since I’ve put together an update, so I thought I’d do a wee blog post just talking about everything I’m working on at the moment. This is much more about self-accountability than it is about letting any possible readers of this page know what’s up – I’ve no […]

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

[Image: Nameless and Friendless, 1857, Emily Mary Osborn] Hello, friends, Romans, and lovers of the creative, historical, queer, and macabre! Thank you for taking the time to visit my attempted cabinet of curiosities. For anyone who may have stumbled across this blog and might be wondering who I am, my name is Emily, I’m a writer […]

Prisons and philately: Norfolk Island commemorated

As part of my job, I spend some time every week in Chichester’s West Sussex Record Office, trailing through the newspaper archives to find interesting stories and pictures from yonder year. The further you go back through the years in old local newspapers, there’s often greater quantities of unintentional hilarity, cringe-worthy displays of sexism in advertising, […]