About me

I’m Emily, an apprentice journalist, a nearly-done PhD student, a writer and an occasional picture-maker. My thing is the long nineteenth century and Neo-Victorianism in literature, art, and the archives, whether it’s ‘asylums’ or activism, science or the supernatural – and particularly when these intersect with folklore or cabaret or horror. Here are some of my […]

Art and Identity

[A shorter version of this review was featured in the January version of the East etc magazines. The original version can be read on pages 60 and 61 here: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?pbid=3210216c-6838-4646-8efe-07a62e12c69f, and the PDF is available at the bottom of this blog post.]   Emily Jessica Turner reviews Brighton Museum’s current exhibition on the twentieth century artist […]

Gluck: Art and Identity opens in Brighton

[This is a report on Gluck: Art and Identity. It is a combined version of the version published in the Brighton and Hove Independent on December 7, 2017 (a web version can be seen here: chichester.co.uk/news/gluck-art-and-identity-opens-in-brighton-1-8278657), and in the Mid Sussex Times on the same day (a web version can be seen here: worthingherald.co.uk/news/gluck-life-and-identity-of-steyning-artist-explored-in-exhibition-1-8279028. A review will […]

Gender Journeys: Brighton showcases Museum of Transology

[This story was published on July 27 by etc Magazine. Read the original story at http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?eid=f4d0df61-a140-46e1-a41b-c475c60ac72a&pnum=84.] Celebrating hope, ambition, and determination, an important exhibition is set to showcase the experiences of trans people living in the UK. Launching Be Bold, a series of collaborative events and exhibitions to be held in Brighton this summer, the acclaimed […]

The Hairpin Drop: The Radical Origins of Pride in the UK

[This story was published on July 9 on Novara Media. Read the original story at novaramedia.com/2017/07/09/the-hairpin-drop-the-radical-origins-of-pride-in-the-uk.] [Image: GLF sit-in at West London pub that refused to serve LGBT people. October, 1971. Credit: Peter Tatchell.] In an age where queer heritage is sanitised and commodified by those who stand to profit off a co-opted, revisionist tale, it is crucial […]

Queer Community, Heritage and Arts in ‘Refracted’

[This story was published on May 18 on The Queerness. Read the original story at thequeerness.com/2017/05/18/review-queer-community-heritage-and-arts-in-refracted.] It’s an oft-repeated but rarely useful adage that writers should strive to be honest in their work; advice much more pragmatic in its succinctness than in its actual application. In this spirit of moral integrity, however, I’m going to start this […]