Hidden histories and family drama: a review of Loves, Lives, and Letters

[This story was published on July 24, 2018, on the BAVS Neo-Victorian blog. Read the original story at victorianist.wordpress.com/2018/07/24/hidden-histories-and-family-drama-review-of-lives-loves-and-letters.] – Lives, Loves and Letters: The Goring Family of Wiston, Sussex, 1743-1905 is a book with a peculiar origin story. The publication came about following the discovery of a wooden box, labelled Wiston Estate, containing nearly 400 letters, […]

Conference report and video: Gaming the Gothic, Sheffield

Conference report: Gaming the Gothic, University of Sheffield, Friday, April 13, 2018 [Reports also contributed by TJ Matthews, who can be found on Twitter at @teej_matthews. Panel reports which have been written by TJ are indicated as such next to the panel title.] Held in the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Sheffield, Gaming the […]

Charles Darwin’s beard and George Eliot’s glove: Kathryn Hughes investigates The Curious Case of the Missing Body in the Archive

[This story was origianally published on November 27 on the Royal Holloway Victorian Studies blog. Read the original story at www.royalholloway.ac.uk/english/research/victorian-studies-research-updates/november-event.aspx.] Did you know that George Eliot claimed to have one hand larger than the other? Or that William Gladstone had a missing finger? Or that, despite being one of the most famous scientists in the […]

A review of The Eyrie

  [This story was published November 2017 in Issue 12 of the Gramarye, the journal of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy. Pick up a copy from here: store.chi.ac.uk/product-catalogue/sussex-centre-for-folklore/journals/gramarye-issue-12-e-book.] A mysterious owl insignia, ominous rural landscapes, misty cobbled streets, creaky taverns, and irate sea-dogs baring warnings – recently published graphic novel The Eyrie […]

Can You Help Discover the History of Patient Creativity at St James’ Hospital?

[This story was published on November 13 by Star & Crescent. Read the original story at starandcrescent.org.uk/2017/11/13/can-you-help-discover-the-history-of-patient-creativity-at-st-james-hospital.] Local writer and historian Emily Turner was inspired by the recent Edward King exhibition at Portsmouth City Museum and is running her own research project exploring the creativity of patients in mental health institutions. She would like to include […]